Southern Raised Bluegrass

Southern Raised Bluegrass comes to us from the Hurley, Missouri area. The group is made up all of all siblings, including three sisters and their younger brothers. This is another great example of a family group working together. They will each tell you that they are each others best friends. Southern Raised Bluegrass makes their living traveling all over country telling all who will listen about Jesus Christ. They use a nice blend of original, traditional, and covered material. However, the one thing you count on expecting from Southern the unexpected. No matter how many times you’ve heard the song, you can always look forward to a little “Southern Raised” style on it. This is definitely a unique group with a unique blend. They can even change their harmony style from one you may hear in traditional bluegrass to another style while keeping the music the same. You can certainly count on a blessing from Southern Raised Bluegrass. Check them out at their official website, !
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